UPCOMING CEU | Dec 1 & 2 | Building Your Leadership Brand... Carnival?

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Who sets aside a few days in December to offer a CEU about leadership branding, and new product intros, with a carnival theme?

AOE, that’s who.

Let’s be honest: chasing CEU credits can be a drag. So we’ve constructed our upcoming two-day event as a way to gain credits in an informal, fun setting, and knock some things off your professional to-do list.

Attendees will learn how their personal leadership brand is defined by the way they communicate individual strengths, and the value those skills bring to a team and organization. This learning will be followed by a carnival-themed new product parade, because we believe in balance and carnivals are fun. Here are the highlights:

• Explore what it means to make a first impression.

• Define and identify steps to develop your personal leadership brand.

• Investigate how to better use communication with clients, prospects, and colleagues.

• Discover how to maximize your network and lead effective meetings.

• Meet with reps and experience the best new products in person!

Attendees from across the Philadelphia A&D community are welcome; space is limited, so click here to secure your spot.

So… how does this content relate to a carnival? Well, it doesn’t. But in researching this theme, we found an historic connection into women owned businesses like ours.

The first great American traveling carnival appeared on the Midway at 1893 Chicago World’s Fair. The most popular acts were performed by women, many of whom found world-wide fame. Their charisma and talent, combined with popularity and press exposure, meant women performers began headlining their own tours, receiving top billing, and controlling real money. Renowned acts included sharpshooter Annie Oakley, human projectile Zazel, bareback horse rider May Wirth, and daredevil aerialist Lillian Leitze paved the way for famed performers like Lucille Ball, Gracie Burns, Gypsy Rose Lee and Moms Mabley to build and capitalize on their professions, and move into director, producer and executive roles. Who knew?

For more about the history of female traveling performers and their incredible lives, visit this listicle.

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