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TRUST IS KEY | How We Collaborate with A&D

At AOE, one of our most important engagement tools is collaborating with influencers in our markets to decipher and deploy trending changes in the workspace. As industry experts, this serves our core mission as partners in making a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of workers everywhere. We believe in the power of business transformation through the built space, and have nearly forty years of case studies to demonstrate those results.

Our A+D Market Manager has seen how workplace change can benefit companies first hand. Melissa Peslak is a walking industry product bible, and with over twenty years in the industry, she comes prepared. Armed with the osmotic experience of amazing career mentors, she is never caught short in conversations about any industry, and how changes, big and small, can help businesses achieve their strategic goals. It’s all connected, and Melissa is the spark plug.

“My primary job is to make someone else’s job easier. That’s the best part of what I do. I guide partners through what’s possible to drill down on what’s needed,” says Melissa. Her superpower is access. She’s available (literally) all the time, and considers herself an on-call resource. Whether chasing inspiration, accessing deep links within My Resource Library, or leading the way at an AOE event, Melissa’s connection with clients and partners is foundational.

Melissa at a Phillies game with Debbie Keen

“My role is an extension of the sole-source, white-glove service that AOE is known for. I provide sherpa-like navigation through every step of the project process, especially with experienced people and firms. Their time is very valuable, and I’m here to shorten the path wherever I can.”

Strengthening relationships through experience and trust is key. “Human capital is every company’s most valuable resource. That’s as true for our A+D partners as it is for our clients.” Knowing the industry and speaking the language is table stakes, and Melissa is centered around protecting people’s time and energy. “Sometimes, the easiest way to get an answer is to pick up the phone, or shoot a text. As remote as our work allows us to be, there is no replacement for human connection. That’s what I’m here for, first and foremost.”

Like that time when a designer needed fabric and finish samples immediately and Melissa brought them, in person, during a major flood event. Like that.

To connect with Melissa, or anyone else on the AOE team, visit our 'About' page here. For more about the forecasting, trends and changes that are leading workspace design today, check out the rest of our blog posts here.

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