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Our Thanks from the (Virtual) Trenches

This post is dedicated to a certain special breed of intrepid souls we’ve been collaborating with over the past sixteen months. Quick as a shutdown, you slid into our metaphorical DMs, jumped hoops to access project sites, responded to messages at night and on weekends, and became as familiar with our work-from-home setups as we are.

You are the reason things kept going this past year, that projects moved forward despite obstacles and literal barriers. During the most fraught and difficult season in our lives, you never faltered. And that meant neither did we.

We’re talking about our A+D partners and project managers, the glue of our industry, and our inspiration for taking the plunge in reintroducing our AOE signature events.

If we’ve learned anything through Covid, it’s that virtual meetings are no substitute for the real thing. We, like everyone, miss the real stuff. So the minute we could, we started talking about in-person events, taking our first tentative steps back to normal.

As vaccine rates ramp up, and cases go down, we’ve been thrilled to produce some special engagements over the last two months, with many more to come this summer. Here’s a snapshot of what we’ve been up to:

At our April Naturalist event, we learned about native plants and how to introduce them into small gardens, balconies and containers. We’re all professional gardeners now, right?

In May, we toured the historic Physick House, and reinitiated our famed Mural Arts Walking Tour. We also celebrated Cinco de Mayo with a fiesta and pop-up product parade. This one was so popular we’re doing it again in July- perhaps an Independence Day theme?

After a year of limited-to-no interaction, we weren’t sure how these events would be received. Turns out, they were hits, and we’re right back where we started. We have so many people to see and thank. An overwhelming sense of communal gratitude is infusing the whole AOE team. Maybe that’s why these events felt so special to us, and why we decided to expand into a summer-long event series (stay tuned for invites!).

You showed up with us last year, and now, you’re showing up in person. We are so happy to share space with you again. We’ve missed you, we appreciate you, and we’re glad you’re part of AOE. Thank you for walking this year with us, and keep an eye out for the next party!

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