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A Defining Experience

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Introducing Blue Circle Studio from AOE

After more than thirty years of great work and consistent growth, there are only so many new ways to articulate 'what you do.' So we asked ourselves: What's the best way to describe what it's like to work with AOE?


Our answer: Reframe the question as a defining experience, name it, and share it. Introducing Blue Circle Studio, AOE's premier sales, design and service division.

Comprised of designers, architectural products experts, and account managers, every project at AOE moves to completion through the Blue Circle team. The approach is rooted in the experience, built of moments and touch points that inspire confidence, where every engagement is grounded in calm. We focus on curated moments that make our partners feel safe, and taken care of, to make each project simplified and satisfying for everyone involved.

It starts with little things. A glass of wine when you visit the showroom. Noting preferred methods of communication. Personalized delivery of samples. Perhaps a small amenity to celebrate a project kick off.

Then it moves to bigger moments. Efficient communication. Consistent, reliable information. Honoring the project hierarchy. Time-sensitive meetings. Checked and correct floorplans. Beautiful renders and fly-throughs. Clearly defined schedules. Consensus.

It comes together on install day. A friendly, prepared crew. Your single point of contact onsite. A firm schedule, with speedy punch list resolution. Then a dinner to celebrate.

And during all of it, below the waterline, there will be a dozen systems churning, hundreds of emails exchanged, and thousands of parts and pieces coming together in that irresistible managed chaos we at AOE have perfected, and thrive on.

You'll know, of course. But you won't feel it. You'll have a glass of wine in your hand, a move-in date to look forward to, and the reassurance that a rockstar team is taking care of it all.

We promise.

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